Scaredy Bairns

Scaredy Bairns

Challenge Northumberland, in partnership with Hedley West Farm and the Northumberland Theatre Company, are excited to bring you Scaredy Bairns – Spooky Tales from Hedley West Farm Woods!

This unique family-friendly experience will take you into the heart of the woods where you’ll find an amazing open-air theatre made completely from the natural resources around it – tree branches for seating and a large firepit in the centre.

Once you arrive you’ll be entertained by a series of Spooky Tales performed by Northumberland Theatre Company. The one hour experience will include a 45 minute performance.

We promise this will be spine-tingling, light hearted and amazing fun, to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Why not be amongst the first to experience this family friendly event and challenge yourself to walk Spooky trail to reach the Spooky Tales arena.

Show Description

Northumberland Theatre Company and Challenge Northumberland invite you to experience a chilling (yet child friendly!) and thoroughly ridiculous performance to celebrate everything that goes bump in the night this October – “Once upon a Halloween”.

Join us at our unique location deep in the middle of the woods for a fun filled show and meet our spooky (and slightly unhinged) storytellers Eegor, Igor, Oooogor… and Dave, as they recount to you some familiar tales and maybe even a few new ones, who knows, there might even be an appearance from Count Dracula himself!

So shake off the cobwebs, book your tickets and get yourselves along before it’s too late… there’s a lot at “stake”!

The minimum age is 4 years. Everyone must be able to walk since no pushchairs or wheelchairs are able to reach the arena. Winter dress is advisable. Please arrive 30 minutes before your showtime to register.