Clarty Bairns Disclaimer

I/we understand, acknowledge and appreciate that there is a risk of injury from the activities involved including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Drowning
  • Near drowning
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Fractures
  • Heat and cold injuries
  • Dislocations
  • Heart attack
  • Injuries involving running, climbing, swimming, jumping, swinging etc.

I/we agree that I/we will take part in the event in accordance with the specific safety instruction at the event safety briefing that I/we will receive before participating in the event. I/we agree to wear any safety equipment provided by you in accordance with the safety instructions and shall ensure my/our safety at all times.

I/we understand that the event requires a moderate level of fitness and is physically testing and demanding, and I/we accept that there is a risk of injury when undertaking such activities.

I/we acknowledge and agree that I/we am responsible for my/our own safety (and the safety of possessions) when participating in the event. I/we understand that the event will be undertaken without direct supervision following the safety instruction. I/we therefore agree at all times to ensure that I/we wear all protective equipment provided by you and to ensure that all safety instruction is carried out.

In the unlikely event of an accident, or loss or damage to my/our personal effects, I/we acknowledge that you will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with the event (except in instances of death or personal injury caused by your negligence) and I/we waive all and any claims against you in this respect.

I/we confirm that I/we do not know of any medical condition that I/we suffer from which might have the effect of making it more likely that I/we will be involved in an incident which could result in injury to myself or others.

I/we acknowledge that I/we will be provided with the necessary safety instruction provided by you in relation to the services.

I/we acknowledge and confirm that I have read and understood your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer and I/we accept the terms contained therein.

Last updated: February 2022